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Justine Mckeen vs. the Queen of Mean
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer   Illustrated by:   Dave Whamond
ISBN:  9781459803992
Price: $5.99
In the sixth installment of the Justine McKeen, Queen of Green series, Justine is faced with the challenge of convincing the Queen of Mean that being environmentally conscious is worthwhile.

The Ballad of Knuckles McGraw
By (author):   Lois Peterson
ISBN:  9781554694372
Price: $5.99
After Kevin's mother abandons him, he takes refuge in his fantasy of becoming a cowboy, but his reality is a foster home and grandparents he doesn't know.

Charlie's Key
By (author):   Rob Mills
ISBN:  9781554698745
Price: $7.99
A young orphan struggles to unlock the significance of an old key left to him by his dying father.

By (author):   Michele Martin Bossley
ISBN:  9781459803565
Price: $9.95
Three teenage amateur sleuths have to solve the mystery of grocery-store food-tampering incidents.

Three Good Things
By (author):   Lois Peterson
ISBN:  9781459809857
Price: $9.95
Fifteen-year-old Leni copes with a mother who suffers from mental illness.

Jo's Journey
By (author):   Nikki Tate
ISBN:  9781551435367
Price: $7.95
Fourteen-year-old Jo is determined to follow her dream of finding gold in the Cariboo.

Dancing in the Rain
By (author):   Shelley Hrdlitschka
ISBN:  9781459810655
Price: $14.95
In this novel for teens, sixteen-year-old Brenna tries to make sense of her life after her beloved adoptive mother dies.

Set You Free
By (author):   Jeff Ross
ISBN:  9781459807990
Price: $11.99
In this YA thriller, Lauren’s brother becomes a suspect in a child’s disappearance, and Lauren teams up with a computer enthusiast to uncover the truth.

sk?p'lk'mitkw / Water Changeling
By (author):   Harron Hall   Illustrated by:   Phyllis Isaac
ISBN:  9781926886664
Price: $15.95
The journey and transformation of water from the tops of the mountains down through the rivers and streams, told from a Syilx perspective.

Le Silence se glisse près de toi Digital Class Set + License
By (author):   Alison Hughes   Illustrated by:   Ninon Pelletier
ISBN:  9781459829831
Price: $49.95
Dans cet album, un jeune enfant trouve du réconfort dans le silence quand le monde devient trop bruyant.

High Wire
By (author):   Melanie Jackson
ISBN:  9781459802391
Price: $8.99
High-wire walker Zack has to solve a mysterious theft at the youth circus.

Maverick Mania
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer
ISBN:  9781554696697
Price: $8.99
The disappearance of his soccer team's leading scorer during the championship finals leads sixteen-year-old Matt to investigate and entangles him in a possible kidnapping.

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